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Educational Programs

We are currently offering the following programs to bring creativity to children and schools.

If you would like to learn more about these programs, please send email to
hello@mindantix.com or call 1-812-302-6849 (1-812-DØ ANTIX).

  • Creative Thinking Software

    Our software platform provides brainteasers for students to learn and practice different Creative Thinking techniques. The short, fun brainteasers take no more than 15-20 minutes to complete, and once students submit their solutions, they can view other solutions and learn different approaches that others took. Students can even submit their own brainteasers! There are brainteasers for different areas including language arts, social science and mathematics, making it easy to incorporate in classrooms.

  • After School Classes and Summer Camps

    We offer several different enrichment modules (iSTEAM modules) that bring creative and innovative thinking in STEAM projects. In these projects, students learn a few creative thinking techniques, along with some STEM concept to make their own original creations. Children learn the concepts through fun games and exercises, often using improv, and then apply their skills towards the project. These modules can be used for both after-school enrichment (once a week over the course of several weeks) or as weekly camps. You can learn more about our iSTEAM modules here.

  • In-Class Workshops

    We offer 1hr and 2hr workshops in classes, where children learn the fundamental concepts of creative thinking, why our brain sometimes gets stuck when coming up with new ideas, and some key techniques to trigger out-of-box thinking. All techniques are taught through fun team-based games and exercises.

  • Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

    At our Professional Development Workshops, teachers get to learn about how creativity works, and how to inspire it in their classrooms. The workshop also contains examples and exercises for different subject areas that teachers can easily integrate in their curriculum.