Hacking Creativity

Building Innovative Company Cultures


(employees looking for new jobs)

The Great Resignation is here. Employees are burnt-out, exhausted, disengaged, and many are looking to change employers. Most corporate cultures are unsuited for the changing work environment and are at risk of becoming irrelevant.

In a creative economy, building an innovation-focused, human-centered culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage.

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Our Corporate Programs

We help your business become more competitive in this new innovation-driven economy. We work at every level - organization, team and individual.

Organizations gain effective, practical tools to build a more innovative and motivating culture.

With over 10,000 hours in cognitive creativity, emotional intelligence and executive leadership, we have designed our programs to be insightful and effective. We work closely with you to identify your organizational needs and create customizable programs that are unique for your organization.

Interested in learning more? Please send an email to hello@mindantix.com.

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Hacking Creativity 101

Learn the foundations of cognitive creativity, emotional intelligence and teaming for a more creative life for yourself and your team.

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We work with you to organize intrapreneurship practices aligned with business goals and backed by sound creativity and collaboration principles.

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Culture Co-creation

We work with you to identify creativity bottlenecks in your organization and co-design culture transforming solutions.

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Pronita Mehrotra

Pronita Mehrotra

Interests: Cognitive Creativity, Organizational Innovation

Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Sandeep Krishnamurthy

Interests: Business Strategy, Creative Leadership