Frequently Asked Questions

Creativity is the ability to come up with ideas that are both original and useful.

We believe that creativity is the job security of the future. We are headed into an economy where linear, logical thinking is increasingly being automated. The skill that is immune to automation is the unique human ability to come up with novel ideas. However, creativity scores among students have been declining over the last few decades, which makes them less equipped for the new economy.

Ellis Paul Torrance designed the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) to measure creativity based on different kinds of open-ended tasks. The metrics (fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration) used to evaluate creativity are based on J.P. Guilford’s work.

Yes, research studies have shown that creativity can be taught and learned.

There is no right age to learn creativity techniques - the young and the old can all benefit from learning creative thinking. However, our product is currently geared for students in upper elementary and middle school grades.

Blended Learning combines both software and traditional approaches to teaching. We use both our online platform and hands-on modules to teach the building blocks of creative thinking to students. Our online platform introduces students to different creativity techniques through open-ended brainteasers, which the students can apply in our real-life STEAM modules.

Yes, both the online and any of our hands-on modules can be used independently but in our experience using both leads to better results.

We are currently offering the following modules (with more in the pipeline)

1. How To Be An Inventor
2. Electronic Storybook
3. Programming an Interactive Play
4. Creative Android Applications

Yes, our product is currently for use in enrichment centers and schools. But stay tuned for our general release which will be open to anyone.

MindAntix is a web application and it can be run on any modern web browser and on all devices.

Yes. At our Professional Development Workshops, teachers get to learn about how creativity works, and how to inspire it in their classrooms. The workshop also contains examples and exercises for different subject areas that teachers can easily integrate in their curriculum.