About Us

MindAntix is a fun, collaborative tool to make you more creative and innovative.

The world is changing rapidly around us. It is estimated that by 2030, automation will displace one in three workers.

However, there is a class of jobs that will not just survive, but do exceptionally well in the future. These are jobs that depend on creativity and the ability to handle novel situations.

But here's the problem - creative thinking scores in the United States have been declining steadily since the 1990s. So in a world that will demand more creativity, we are heading in the opposite direction. Our goal at MindAntix is simple - we want to reverse this drop in creativity and help people flourish in the new economy.

The good news is that with a little bit of practice, anyone can learn to be more creative.

At MindAntix, we have designed fun, simple brainteasers that teach how to think outside the box. You can do these brainteasers by yourself, or with your friends and family! And you can do them any time and any place - whenever and wherever you can think. Like at dinner time with your family or when you are in traffic and tired of playing Punch Buggy. So jump in, start exercising your mind and help us beat the declining creativity trend!

Declining Creativity

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