(noun)   |   krē·ā·ˋti·vǝ·tē

The ability to think of novel and useful ideas.

Also, a skill that's declined significantly among students. Let's reverse this trend!

Our Creativity Building Program

MindAntix provides students with the opportunity to build creativity through access to fun, simple, and practical activities and exercises.

Our online portal makes it easy for teachers to assign, track and evaluate student learning through a variety of brainteasers and projects.

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Cognitive Brainteasers build specific thinking styles—including associative thinking, analogical thinking and more—that have proven to improve creative thinking.

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Project Based Learning Modules provide a deeper learning experience and build an innovation mindset. Each module includes detailed lesson plans for teachers.

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Combined, the brainteasers lay the foundation for learning different cognitive creativity techniques, while our PBL modules challenge students to apply these newly-learned strategies in real world scenarios so they can become the creators of the future.

Professional Development Workshops

Are you based in or around Seattle, WA? MindAntix offers professional development workshops to help teachers understand the fundamentals of creative thinking and discover a variety of learning strategies to incorporate this learning objective into classroom instruction.

There are three different workshops aimed at helping teachers support learners' growth:

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Our Partners

We work with after school programs, universities, learning centers, and more to offer our creativity focused programs, tailored to fit within existing instruction or new initiatives.

UW Robinson Center
Positive Ally
DaVinci Academy
Archimedes School
Eastside Homeschool Coop