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1nnovation First Methodology

A first principles approach that starts with the true purpose of any modern organization - to innovate.

Our unique approach leverages individual cognitive-emotional skills, swarm behaviours and organizational support to produce transformational creativity. Creativity that goes beyond incremental improvements to disrupting industries.

And it requires a different approach to management from building the right skills (like associative or reverse thinking) to handling group interactions and incentives. Want to turbocharge your team's creativity?


(increase in creativity with our approach)

Organizational Innovation

Our corporate programs help companies create an innovation-focused, human-centered culture that increase employee engagement.

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New Culture Assessment

Our proprietary assessment can help you better understand your organization culture from a cognitive creativity perspective, and identify innovation bottlenecks. Learn more »

Hacking Creativity Training
Innovation First Strategy

Innovation First uses a first principles approach to designing your unique innovation-focused corporate culture. Our training programs help business leaders understand the fundamentals of cognitive creativity, emotional intelligence and teaming, and how to make their teams or organizations more innovative. Learn more »

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K-12 Creativity Program

MindAntix provides students with the opportunity to build creativity through access to fun, simple, and practical activities and exercises.

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Cognitive Brainteasers

Brainteasers build specific thinking styles—including associative thinking, analogical thinking and more—that have proven to improve creative thinking. They lay the foundation for learning different cognitive creativity techniques. Learn more »

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Project Based Learning Modules

PBLs challenge students to apply these newly-learned strategies in real world scenarios. They provide a deeper learning experience and build an innovation mindset. Each module includes detailed lesson plans for teachers. Learn more »

Training and Professional Development

We offer leadership training and professional development workshops to help professionals and educators understand the fundamentals of creative thinking and discover strategies to incorporate creativity in their workplace.

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Some of the topics we cover include:

Getting to a high performance culture with innovation
Leading in the age of AI
Cognitive techniques to boost innovation
Collaboration and teamwork to harness swarm intelligence
Overcoming cognitive and other biases in decision making

Check out our latest study on gender biases in technology and innovation.


Hear from the creativity experts behind MindAntix, about our approach to teaching cognitive creativity, and how organizations can benefit from incorporating it.

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3 Common Fallacies About Creativity
Leaders often cite creativity and innovation as critical components of business success. But many businesses fail to create and encourage...

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How Neurodiversity Helps in Creativity
As a child, Isaac spoke little and had trouble reacting appropriately in social situations. He found it hard to form friendships and preferred...

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The Neuroscience Of Creativity
A few hours after Einstein died, Thomas Harvey, the pathologist who performed his autopsy, removed Einstein’s brain without his family’s permission...

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Our Clients and Partners

We work with after school programs, universities, learning centers, and more to offer our creativity focused programs, tailored to fit within existing instruction or new initiatives.

National Museum Of Education
Innovation World
UW Robinson Center
Creativity and Education
Young Entrepreneur Institute
Everett School District
Positive Ally
Archimedes School