(noun)   |   krē·ā·ˋti·vǝ·tē

The ability to think of novel and useful ideas.


The Creativity Crisis

This is how much creativity scores have declined since the 1990s!

Creativity is a high order cognitive skill that is essential to complex problem solving. Creativity scores (and yes, creativity can be measured just like IQ!) have been dropping steadily over the last few decades. Learn more about the troubling implications behind this.

Our Creativity Building Program

1. Learn and master creative cognitive techniques like associative and analogical thinking.

2. Apply creativity techniques in our STEM-focused Project Based Learning (PBL) modules.

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Creativity Platform

Learn different creativity techniques through fun brainteasers and apply them in real-world projects.

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To learn how to incorporate creativity in your classroom, take one of our professional development workshops.

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Read more about our philosophy, creativity tips, product and current news.

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Our Partners

We are excited to collaborate with our partners in offering creativity focused programs

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Positive Ally
DaVinci Academy
Archimedes School
Eastside Homeschool Coop